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Do I need a survey?....


You need a survey because sometimes it can increase the value of your property.

If you are refinancing your property or applying for a loan, your financial institution will usually require a loan survey with a map, surveyor's title report, and a flood certificate.

You need a survey to make sure that your house or any permanent structure such as a fence, pump house, etc. is not encroaching onto your neighbors' land and to make sure that the adjoining land owner doesn't have any encroachments onto your property.

You need a survey to make sure you are not paying taxes on too much property.  Some properties are taxed to the center of a highway.  Why would you want to pay taxes on the're already doing that.

You need your property surveyed if you expect to leave land to any heirs at your time of death. This can prevent family conflicts or controversy with neighbors.








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